The reason why homosexuality and LGBTQ rights aren't there in the Middle East and Africa, is because if individuals obtained their rights, there won't be such presidents or people in charge in the first place. People will figure out that they don't need such people in power. Individual rights will flourish, and the system won't require traditional families, one can gain support from social welfare and there won't be any need to have children in order for them to provide for one when they grow old. 

A homophobic system is usually a patriarchal one that lives and feeds off of relgion. In Europe the government doesn't mind if LGBTQ rights existed, because nothing threatens the government in the first place.

How shallow minded and how shortsighted would it be not to accept people for their sexual preference.

According to Wikipedia: "In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen, the laws state that if a person is found guilty of engaging in same-sex sexual behavior, the death penalty would be applied."

It seems that it's not the LGBTQ people that are different, it's those that preach against them. They are different, they are the abnormal ones when you really think about it. Because when you expel and not accept others for who they are ... You're the one that suffers from a problem, not the LGBTQ.

When you look at the comments in any homophobic video on YouTube ... You see the citizens of a Muslim country for example bless and support what's being said. Now one wonders, don't they deserve what happens to them by the same leaders and governments? Not everyone who complains is actually complaining. Some people just like the state that they're in.